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Why It Works

”I had people report to me that this was the most beneficial information they had ever received about dogs. This product along with the training is a complete system that has worked for us.”

-Rodney Byers, Customer Service Supervisor Oklahoma Natural Gas

The Bite Terminator® Dog Barrier works on the startle reflex of the animal.

All animals and humans have a defense reflex called the startle reflex. If something surprises an animal or human, their immediate reaction is to stop and back up. In dogs this response can range from immediately turning around and running away, to stopping and holding their ground. In most cases they make a hasty retreat.

With the combination of the unique effects that the Bite Terminator® Dog Barrier presents, the dogs either retreat or back away. This buys you precious time to get out of the situation. In the rare case that the dog attacks, the Bite Terminator® Dog Barrier takes the bite for you. If the dog is biting the Terminator, he can not bite you. This again is buying you precious time to escape.

Let’s look at this from the dog’s perspective. When the Bite Terminator® Dog Barrier is deployed correctly within 6 to 8 feet away the dog experiences the following:

  • Something jumps out at him. (telescoping feature)
  • Something blows out in his face (opening of the barrier to full diameter)
  • His vision of you is now totally blocked (black material blocking his vision)
  • He hears a weird noise. (sound of opening action)
  • He may feel a sudden swoosh of air (air generated from high speed opening)
  • Senses instantly activated (sight, hearing, touch and smell)

His immediate reaction – BACK UP!

A Bite Terminator® is replaceable – you are not.

WARNING: Keep this product away from children. The Bite Terminator® is not effective against all dogs in all circumstances. Proper training and instruction is required before use. This product is not recommended for the deterrence of other animals that are vicious including, but not limited to bears or trained attack dogs.

No device is a substitute for common sense and not all dog bites are totally preventable. However, with the proper use of the Bite Terminator System, dog bite incidents can be drastically reduced, and even eliminated

Here is how it works:

As with any defensive tool, the primary purpose of the Bite Terminator® Dog Barrier is to BUY you TIME. It appears to the customer to be a normal umbrella but to the dog it is totally different. Some people may look at it for the first time and not take the device seriously. But to the professional that uses it, it is their security blanket. They know that it will stop charging pit bulls, rots and almost anything else that we have found in the US and Canada. Tens of thousands of field personnel worldwide depend on it daily. The Bite Terminator® Dog Barrier is now required PPE in many companies across the world.

While the Bite Terminator® may appear to be an ordinary umbrella, nothing could be further from the truth. It has undergone a number of significant changes and improvements. It is specifically designed to be a lightweight, comfortable, fast, reliable, durable, and very effective tool. It opens in less than 1/2 of a second. When it pops out, it jumps toward the dog and expands instantly, blocking the dog’s vision of you, but still allowing you to see the image of the dog through the Bite Terminator.®  When all of this occurs in less than a second, it invokes a massive startle effect in the dog, while also providing a physical barrier between you and the animal. A second push of the button causes the unit to pop closed but not retract which adds to the startle effect without losing the barrier distance and allowing exiting thru tight spaces (such as gates)without raising the barrier up. Ninety percent will turn and run. All others will stop and hold their ground. A few may bite the unit. This is the dog that will bite you! Since it is soft and chewy, the dog will hold on to it instead of you, thus buying you precious time to get away. The Bite Terminator® is engineered to withstand up to 250# of pull. It will even invert and reshape repeatedly in high wind situations. This is the only effective defensive tool that is harmless to the dog, is customer friendly and is not perceived as a weapon. It has proven to be extremely durable, standing up to years of use in the field. Each unit has a limited lifetime warranty against Mfg defects and a K-9 Combat warranty against dog attacks.