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The Bite Terminator® Dog Bite Protection System incorporates not only the most effective Occupational Dog Bite Prevention Equipment but also the most comprehensive Field Safety Awareness Training Program available. Our internationally recognized on site Corporate BTS Training Program provides numerous resources to assist in training new and existing field employees.

Over 101,000 field employees across the US and Canada have participated. Hundreds of companies now are reaping the benefits of the BTS Training Program and have drastically reduced dog bites and related injuries.

Since the Bite Terminator ®Occupational Dog Bite Protection System originated in the Utility industry, we are acutely aware of the difficult jobs your employees face on a daily basis. How many times have you spent large sums of money on “training” only to find that your employees learned little or nothing? The so-called “experts” had never read a meter or had to encounter 200 dogs in one day while getting the reading and not making the customer or their dog mad. Your employees are already “experts” with dogs just because they have learned the hard way. Our programs totally understand this and provide information from the been-there-done-that perspective.

Our newest Street Safe Awareness Program

Our Web training area contains many video excerpts from training classes along with our International TV award winning video the “Good, the Bad and the Hairy.” It also includes Testimonial videos and resources for our Corporate Train-the-Trainer program clients.

This is a winning combination of one of the world’s recognized and effective dog bite equipment and training package to equip the field person with the knowledge and ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of their job.

Actual customer comments for the training program:

  • “Unique training from the Field Employee point of view”
  • “Things we do that bother dogs and how to avoid them”
  • “How to get the job done while keeping the customer and the dog happy”
  • “How to handle ‘bad’ dogs”
  • “How to handle multiple dogs”
  • “Highly Interactive”
  • “What to do if Attacked, and How to Stop It”