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Extraordinary Reduction

Florida Power & Light
Subject: BTS Effectiveness

Here’s some more good news … Did you know? Now that we have nearly 100% of our meter readers really using the BTS (Bite Terminator System Dog Barrier) as their primary defense against dog attacks, we have only ONE dog bite injury in Meter Reading this year.

And the one dog bite was because the reader did not have it ready to use.

Since its inception

Since its inception back in October 1996 through this year, we have documented uses on hundreds of occasions. If we consider that even 10% of these had resulted in dog bites, the potential cost of those injuries could have easily surpassed the expense of the Terminators! I thinks we all agree, the results are very impressive and no one has been bitten when using the Bite Terminator Dog Barrier.”

More good news.

Here’s some more good news….Now that we have nearly 100% of our meter readers really using the BTS as their primary defense against dog attacks, we have had only ONE dog bite injury in Meter Reading this year and he did not have his Bite Terminator with him.”


Feedback very positive

“The feedback has been very positive indicating the unit is effective in keeping away aggressive dogs. Several customers have even mentioned their appreciation that we’re not spraying their dogs any longer.”

We had three dog bites

“We had three dog bites in the month before we started using “Bite Terminator.” Since then we’ve had none, though six of the devices have been destroyed by dogs, but no bites!”

Full Believer

“I’m a full believer in the Bite Terminator® Occupational Dog Bite Prevention System. This was reinforced by the timely receipt of a Workers’ Compensation Claim statement showing a pension payout to a meter reader for nearly $18,000. This claim was the result of a dog attack that left the meter reader partially disabled and traumatized. Had the meter reader participated in your dog bite prevention training course and had her Bite Terminator® barrier with her, she most likely would not have suffered the injury and trauma.”


Since implementing

” Occupational Dog Bite Prevention System in selected areas, we have been assessing its benefits. While we’ve been getting some anecdotal evidence of its benefits, we now have numerous examples of very clear of evidence of its prevention use. A St. John’s Meter Reader had a “chunk” taken out of his Terminator, compliments of a cross between a German Shepherd/Collie dog (with a second dog on looking.) He was shaken up but unquestionably the Terminator prevented serious injury to him.” We have also not had any dog bites since implementing when using the Bite Terminator Dog Barriers.

Walker Bites Back

Walker Bites Back

I have to tell you I have used the BiteTerminator for at least 10 maybe 15 years on my daily walks. I walk 5 miles a day and would NOT leave home without it. I would leave my Am Ex at home before I’d leave the Terminator. This product has helped me on many occassions fighting off dogs. I can not tell you how comfortable I am having the Terminator between me and an aggressive dog. Thank you

Near Miss Report

Internal Near Miss Report from: WEB Aruba N.V


Herewith we want to share with you a positive experience that one of our meter readers had with the Bite Terminator®. During his rounds XXXXXXXXXXX entered the yard at XXXXXXX. Upon entering a vicious dog prepared itself to attack him. Upon seeing the dog XXXXXX opened the Bite Terminator® and this stopped the dog in its tracks. With the Bite Terminator® open XXXXXXX withdrew safely from the yard. Once outside he closed the bite terminator and the closing of the Bite Terminator® caused the dog to back off even further. This was our first experience after the workshop and introduction of the Bite Terminator® at the WEB Aruba N.V. and it proved effective in stopping the attack of a dog.

We will encourage everybody in the Meter department to use their Bite Terminator® to prevent dog attacks.