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The Most Comprehensive Safety Awareness & Dog Bite Prevention Workshops in the Industry


In 17 years not one person has been bitten while using our system correctly. Not One.

Our training programs are unmatched in the industry and are state of the art. Each one excels in relevant topics, to-the-point videos, are highly interactive and fun, educational, and eye-opening.

There is absolutely no one else that offers anything close.  From dogs, wild animals, customers, criminals, gangs and local concerns our workshops target many different areas that utilities deal with.  Awareness is the key to staying safe 24-7. We concentrate on these skills, but with a different emphasis according to the job description. Our situational awareness programs encompass fight vs flight, physiology changes, verbal self- defense skills and many other targeted areas.  Whether they are reading a meter, collecting a bill, disconnecting a service, dealing with a customer in an office or on the phone or in the customers home, each one requires a special set of skills and awareness levels.

Our workshops zero in on each of these areas as needed.  We truly offer the most targeted and comprehensive training available to utility employees.

Whether it is electric, gas, water, municipality or private we are familiar with each area and their unique requirements.


Numerous Topics/Seminars/ Workshops Offered


  1. Bite Terminator® Occupational Dog Bite Prevention & Street Safety Awareness Workshop
  2. Advanced Level Bite Terminator® Safety Awareness Workshop
  3. Field Employees Street Safety Workshops
  4. CSR Office and Customer Safety Workshops
  5. Educator /Teacher Classroom & Street Smarts Workshops
  6. Domestic Violence Awareness Workshop
  7. NRA-Refuse-To-Be-A–Victim Workshop
  8. Postal Workers Workshops
  9. Ladies Street Safety Workshops
  10. Verbal Self-Defense Workshops
  11. Office Employees Workplace Workshops
  12. Adult Protective Services Investigator Personal Safety Workshops
  13. Child Protective Services Investigator Personal Safety Workshops
  14. Small Business Workplace Safety Class or Workshop
  15. Water and Wastewater Safety Awareness Class
  16. Home Health Worker Personal Safety Awareness Workshop
  17. Verbal Conflict Resolution Workshop
  18. Evening Family Classes /Kid Classes
  19. Anti-Bullying & Cyberbullying Classes
  20. Teenager Classes (Special Situations)
  21. College Bound Classes (Special Situations)
  22. Senior Citizens Classes (Special Situations)
  23. Children’s Dog Bite Prevention Classes
  24. 4 Hour Ladies Self-Defense Classes
  25. Realtor Associates Street Safety
  26. Professional Occupational Dog Bite Prevention Workshops
  27. Combined Occupational Dog Bite and Street Safety Workshops
  28. On-site Local Office Security Surveys

Custom Designed Topics & Programs according

Awareness Training and Defensive Techniques (ALL Personnel) On and Off Job

Bad Dogs, Tough Guys, Ugly Situations… Could This Be Me?

  • Do I look like a Good Victim?
  • What is My Escape Plan?
  • How Do I react?
  • How do I get Out?
  • On the Job!
  • At the Store!
  • In the Parking Lot! At Home!
  • Secure My Perimeter!
  • Turn Off My Auto-Pilot
  • Extensive Self Defense Techniques Demonstrated

Call for Details!

How safe are you? How “Street Smart” are your associates? Have they been professionally trained? Are they aware of their surroundings and the potential threats from Man or Beast? Are you?

Our Internationally-recognized on-site training programs are unique in the industry. We have trained over 101,000 employees across the US and Canada.