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Scary Stories

Cost of Emergency Room Visit – $450.00
Cost of Prescription – $80.00
Cost of Torn Clothing – $65.00

Cost of Carrying Your Bite Terminator – Priceless


Here are some scary stories from men and women in the field everyday.



I had finished my call and left the customer’s yard when a German Shepherd jumped the fence and charged. BTS was deployed and dog retreated to the rear of the house.

I entered a yard and was approached by 2 dogs that were barking and snarling. I waited for them to get within 3 feet and deployed BTS. The animals quickly retreated to the other side of the yard.

A dog charged at me when I entered the yard. I deployed BTS and the dog yelped in fear and ran away. It maintained a safe distance while I was able to finish up.

Two wimpy dogs were present and barking. Customer came outside and dog began running towards me. I deployed BTS and dog immediately ran away. Customer was pleased with new device we we’re using.

I entered a yard where there were 3 dogs (Chow, Mix and Dalmatian). Dogs came at me and I opened the BTS and the dogs ran to back of yard and did not return.

I approached back yard from alley. Home owner came out onto the deck and the dog followed him.  Dog (Shepherd cross named Keedo) came charging at me with hair on end, teeth bared, and barking viciously. I deployed the Bite Terminator and the dog backed off.

I was reading the meter at a Pig Barn and I noticed a dog was loose where the customers park., The pit bull saw me and came running full speed. I took a stance as they showed us at the Bite Terminator training course, aiming my Bite Terminator towards the dog. I waited until he got close enough then deployed the Bite Terminator, the dog went butt over teakettle. This gave me the chance to get back to my truck with the dog following me hesitantly all the way. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for the Bite Terminator and me being able to fend the dog off for that long with it, that I would not be alive today! This dog has a violent history and I heard that the dog has since been put down!

Before I got out of the truck I noticed lots of dog paw prints in the snow. There were no fences. I honked my horn and called out to see if any dogs would appear. None did. I grabbed my Bite Terminator and my handheld and got out of my vehicle. Because I wasn’t sure what breed of dog I could encounter, I left my truck door open. I walked the 35 feet to the electric pedestal and turned around to read the meter. As I was entering the read into the handheld I heard a dog bark. I looked up and saw a dog at the corner of the house and he was barking and running towards me. At first I thought it was a boxer but as it came nearer I saw that it was a pit bull. There was lots more barking and 2 more pit bulls appeared from the other corner of the house and were barking and charging towards me. I knew I was in trouble. I quickly deployed the Bite Terminator and used it to keep distance between the dogs and myself. All three dogs continued to bark and attack the Barrier. I was so scared and afraid that I was not going to get out of this very bad situation. I stayed calm. I was aware that I had a tree line behind me and that it was going to hinder my access back to my truck. I was walking backwards in 6 to 8 inches of snow and sweeping the Barrier back and forth in front of me to keep the dogs from getting behind me. I proceeded walking backwards until I got into my truck. I WAS SAFE! My heart was pounding and my body was shaking but I was unharmed. The Bite Terminator saved me from getting seriously wounded or possibly from death. My Bite Terminator is “My Buddy” and I don’t do any meter reading without it.

Read the gas meter on the front right side of house, then proceeded to the front of the house as electrical meter is located in the carport. Upon approaching the front of the house, a pit bull/brown lab cross dog came charging out at me barking and with his hair on end. I deployed the “Bite Terminator” and the dog stopped in his tracks, then retreated to back ally.

Meter Reader, Sask Power

Drove into yard and noticed a dog barking. It continued to bark and back up as I advanced. As I turned my back to read the meter the dog charged me. I opened the handy- dandy “Bite Terminator” and deployed it. The dog immediately ran away and stood in the alley and barked at me as I left. He was still standing there as I drove away.