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Policies & Warranties

If you are not completely satisfied with an item, within 30 days of original purchase, return it to us and we will either repair or replace it or refund your money. (Shipping costs not included.)

K-9 Combat Policy
If the Bite Terminator® barrier is damaged by a dog attack, return the barrier with a written statement explaining what happened and we will replace it for 50% of its retail price. (Shipping costs not included.)

Limited Lifetime Warranty
In the event of any defect in material or workmanship on a product manufactured by us, the item will be repaired or replaced by Bite Terminator® at its option. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for use. (Shipping costs not included.)

Keep this product away from children. The Bite Terminator® is not effective against all dogs in all circumstances. Proper training and instruction is required before use. This product in not recommended for the deterrence of other animals which are vicious, including, but not limited to: bears or other wild animals, trained attack dogs, etc.