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Bite Terminator® just didn’t happen overnight. Today’s BTS has undergone significant changes and improvements since the development of the first prototype over 18 years ago.

The concept of using some type of barrier device as dog bite prevention was not new but was seriously studied as a possible solution to a recurring problem with dog bites among the many meter readers at SWEPCO in Shreveport, LA.

This idea had many skeptics as to being effective and even being used. But It immediately proved its worth when there was a remarkable reduction and virtual elimination of dog bites throughout the company’s meter reading department. The equipment soon became mandatory PPE throughout the company and is still required today throughout AEP-SWEPCO. We have received hundreds of testimonies from people who have been saved from dog attacks and swear to the effectiveness of the BTS.

BITE TERMINATOR has evolved into the #1 most effective
Dog Bite Prevention and Training System in the bite prevention industry.